Virtual Horse Racing Games and Bets Explained

Some of us just love horse races. There is an unexplained thrill about the entire thing. And if you like it as much as I do, then betting on horse races should excite you very much. 

However, Horse races aren’t as frequent as other sports like football or cricket. Also, they aren’t the easiest sport to bet on. But if you have an interest in betting on horse races, here are the basic types of bets that you can place on horse racing to win money. 

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This is the most common type of betting on horse racing games. This is a pretty simple type of bet. Here you just have to bet on the fact that which horse is going to be the winner. In this type of bet you are predicting which horse will be 1st in the race. 


It is very similar to the first bet. Here you just choose the horses that will finish in the first two positions. Remember, just because you are betting on two horses does not mean that your odds of winning increase. In fact, it is the reverse. Here you will have to make two right guesses instead of one. However, this is worth a shot for the somewhat experienced punters. 


In this bet, you place a bet on which three horses would finish in the first three positions. Again, the odds of successful wagers diminish with the increasing number of horse racing guesses. This is a wager that we recommend only for the experts. 


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This is one of the bets where your odds of winning are higher. For a successful place bet, the horse you selected will have to rank in the first or second place. It is not much complicated, and anyone with a little knowledge of horse race gambling can do it. It is one of the best horse racing betting games for pc. Since few more people are inclined upon placing bets from the comfort of their homes, you can join them too and start placing horse racing bets virtually. 


This is again similar to the place betting, except, this time, you will have a successful wager if your chosen horse ranks in the top three places. This is one of the good types of wager for beginners. 

You might wonder how you would identify a winning horse among so many since almost all of them look healthy and stout. But a little research on horse racing will give you a good idea on which horse to bet on and which to avoid. Research and observation are the keys here. 


In this type of bet, you will have to make two selections. The chosen horses can either finish first or last for a successful bet. 

If you are wondering about free virtual horse racing betting games online, then there are ample sites that will allow it. However, since, in such type of bets, you aren’t investing any money, you will win none. Still, if you are a beginner, you must search out these sites that offer free horse racing betting and practice the art of betting. 

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