Best Tennis Betting Strategy

Tennis is one of the most profitable sports for betting. The rules are simple, and the chances of a successful wager are pretty great. If you are planning to bet on tennis, then you need to know some betting strategies. 

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Tennis Handicap Betting Strategy

This strategy best works when a hot favourite of the mass like Roger Federer or Serena Williams is playing. In those matches, the odds will be so high that you would practically win nothing even if you win the bet. This is a time when you can go to a tennis handicap betting strategy. 

In this bet, you don’t bet on a player’s wins or lose. You are instead betting on how a player is going to perform. For instance, if you place a tennis handicap bet on +2, this means that the player you are betting on will have to win a minimum of two games for your wager to be successful. The crux is, your bet will have to fulfill a pre-given condition of the bookmaker. 

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Tennis deuce betting strategy

Deuce betting is best when the match is running or in-play. In tennis, deuce is a situation when both players have made an equal score. It is the equivalent of a tie in football or cricket. Placing a deuce bet makes the most sense when there is a friendly match going on. It is a plain yes or no betting. However, before placing a deuce bet, do ask your bookmaker whether the wager would be valid if the score remains zero or love. 

Tennis Live Betting Strategy

Tennis in-play betting strategy is the same as a live betting strategy. It means that a punter places a bet when the tennis match has already begun. There are various types of live betting. Starting from Moneyline bet to prop bet, you can place all sorts of wagers when the game is on. 

However, a good strategy is to do research beforehand. You will have to have previous knowledge of the games and predict the performance accurately to win in-play bets. If you are a newbie at tennis betting, it is best to keep your hands off of live bets. Once you have gained enough experience in gambling, you can give this type of wager a shot. 

Outright Betting Strategy

This will need more expertise than the in-play betting, but if you win, it is big! Over the years, there are about 126 tennis tournaments (men’s and women’s combined). Outright bets are placing a wager on the outcome of the entire tournament. This can be really tricky because there can be momentum sift anytime. Besides, it requires real expertise to do this. However, if you have your instant telling you to place this bet and you have enough experience, then go for it. 

Beginner’s Tennis Betting Strategy

If you are a beginner at tennis gambling, then here are some tennis betting strategies you can follow to start making money or not lose your money on risky bets. 

  • Place bets on clear favorites
  • Never enter the outright bets
  • Do good research before placing live bets
  • Consult a tennis betting tipster before betting
  • Take one step at a time
  • Don’t bet huge money that can lead to bankruptcy
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