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I was surprisingly comfortable watching Gilmore Girls at 1. Video Playback Speed works with other video streaming services like Amazon Prime tested and Hulu too but lacks several advanced features that we saw in the previous Netflix Chrome extensions.

Mine was not turned on even though I had a video card that supported acceleration and the correct drivers.

Speed up Netflix watching online with this simple trick | Video Playback Speed This is another free Chrome extension to control Netflix playback speed with a few clicks of a button.

This extension adds a little window in the top left corner of your video stream that lets you select a new speed. Playback speed begins at 0x and goes all the way to 30x. I blazed through the season-two premiere at 2.

The first setting says "Override software rendering list".


You know, when a major character is dead and you accidentally see his face in the thumbnail on the next episode! Yeah, those kind of spoilers.

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Click the "Enable" to turn on the override. The pining? Lifehacker has a guide to this.

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Google seems to be very careful about whether or not they turn on hardware acceleration. It is hard to watch anything at lower speeds anymore.


After installing it, you might have to refresh your page before you see the translucent controls overlay at the top of your screen. But that is not the only trick Super Netflix is hiding under its sleeve.

I still tried streaming for 30 days and really liked some of the original content Netflix had. The company will also continue to focused on feature film production as it looks to take on the likes of online rivals such as Amazon Prime.

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Clicking on the extension button will reveal a drop down menu with an annoying rainbow colored background. What is great is you can turn this on anyways and it works great.

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When streaming content from Netflix or YouTube or other sites using this browser plugin you are using the browser as the video player, and it might not be as clean of an experience. But how fast is not too fast?

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Fans of new Marvel series Luke Cage, as well as classic Netflix programming such as House of Cards, will all be able to benefit from quicker viewing with this hack. To speed through it with such reckless abandon feels like sacrilege.

Chromes detection of this might not be the best or Google did not think the drivers for this were stable enough. This usually happens if your hardware can't keep up rendering the video or if hardware acceleration is not enabled.

How to Speed Up Your Netflix Binge Watching

Other neat Netflix streaming things Netflix provides some hidden menus for stats and changing bit rates of your streams. If you find the mouse to be oversensitive, use the arrow keys on your keyboard.

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Welcome to a new world, where time means nothing and every theme song sounds like an Alvin and the Chipmunks cover of the original. By default, you can press D to increase the speed and S to slow it down. I installed the Google Chrome extension Video Speed Controller and took seven television shows, all streaming on Netflix, for a faster-than-intended-by-their-creators test drive.

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Also on Guiding Tech Read More 1. Keyboard shortcuts might be more convenient. What about all the staring?

What I had to do to get rid of the jitter and tearing is turn hardware acceleration on in Chrome. Then again, I quickly learned that speeding it up to even 1.

But the problem is that I wish there were more episodes of 30 Rock, and more not less! Press it again to bring back the playback speed controller. Install the extension like any other on your Chrome browser.

Video Speed Controller - Chrome Web Store

Learn more VLC keyboard shortcuts. Speed up playback to get through slow lectures or binge-watch a slow TV series. A few days back, when I was watching Sacred Games, I felt the need to go through certain scenes faster.

Then again, I quickly learned that speeding it up to even 1. Then restart Chrome.

How to Watch Videos at Faster Speeds

Just move your mouse to the top-left corner to view the panel. It is easy to use and works like a charm. If it says "Hardware accelerated" then your good and can skip the rest of this paragraph. During that time I did not find any native way to adjust the playback speed in their html5 player. The speedup stream does not have any buffering issues and I've watched many things on with 2x playback without issue.

This really stinks as I am used to watching video with Vlc, YouTube, and MythTV all of which allow for playback speed adjustment up to 2x.

How to Change Netflix Playback Speed: Top 5 Chrome Extensions

If so go try to watch a movie again or a YouTube video and it should be much smoother and likely have less tearing. That and the movie selection stinks out of titles in my queue only 40 are available to be streamed. Play slideshow 1 of 13 If you're watching Netflix in your internet browser, there are a number of plugin tools that can be downloaded to fast-track your viewing.

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Life may be short, but Game of Thrones is very, very long. You can also skip intros, change video streaming quality on the fly based on your Internet speed, and best of all, blur images and thumbnails to avoid spoilers.

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The plus and minus buttons will increase and decrease the Netflix playback speed by 0. If anything, it makes the number of cups of coffee that Lorelai drinks seem more grounded in reality. Download Super Netflix 3. Unfortunately you can't use this anywhere other than the browser.