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How can one hand over logs that supposedly do not exist? Customer service is very poor and after 3 months I am still unable to play Netflix. Lastly, I have no affiliation with PureVPN other than after the free trial, I purchased their service, once I tested and proved it worked well.

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Canceling: I found to be difficult however it was fast I recommend using PayPal if you decide to go with them. The only issue was that we failed to receive any response to one of our harder questions. Stay away from PureVPN!!! It was very slow all the time on any servers worldwide.

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Other Platforms The Mac app appears identical to the Windows app in almost every way. The problems were not solved. My advice. Their customer service is very fast to attend to queries and get any problem solved. Guess I should have known better. What is smartDNS? No link when you are not happy!! Only certain features of the website failed to load. I will continue using PureVPN for now and I do hope they continue improving their services to satisfy clients needs.

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Then I tried again. Best free vpn for fire tv else can I say. Solved the problem in 10 minutes. What is a Smart DNS?

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Debunking the no-logging pitch was super helpful - deceived even some really tech-expert friends of mine. Lately, I've been having Internet connectivity problems when connected to Purevpn. Have asked for a refund but they refuse as I got a promo deal for 5 years, which is not a legitimate reason not to refund.

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Asked for customer support via live chat with support link. Likely Extremely Likely Pros: PureVPN turns out to be one of the best I have used and still using it because I bought their 2 years plan few months back and have been enjoying it. They are unable to diagnose the issues and will try get you to install the software or other equally unhelpful options. I was half way into my 2nd year with Pure, but zero connectivity is not expected for so long.

The first thing you will get back as I did is an email redundantly asking you to request cancellation again, and an offer to I tried a number of cities and it couldn't connect for any of them. A cheap deal for 2 years' sub.

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Never ever again. This was because the NBN rollout was occurring nationally SmartDNS is a great way to access content from all over the world without sacrificing on your connection speed.

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They are deceptive in asking you how you feel about the service and then immediately directing you to a review site if you mark your experience as happy. At this point, I decided to try the United Kingdom.

Updates improving service are adequate. It would not work so I asked for a best fast vpn bittorrent p2p and they did not comply. These guys are awful. Speeds were not bad, and I could use my internal network during connection so I can move a file between computers.

Keep that in mind.

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PureVPN has several modes PureVPN works. I have absolutely no leaking DNS or otherwise. The reviews listed below reflect the opinions and experiences of real users and are in no way influenced by VPN providers. Most particularly, PureVPN is one of the best choices on the market as it is very effective at unblocking almost everything.

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Just received the standard 'nothing we can do but refer you to others' bs. Plus, no Netflix servers worked, either. We are pleased to note that features which were once available to mainstream users are now where they belong — in Beta, and only available to volunteer guinea pigs.

Been locked for the service for TWO years. Overall, PureVPN works I spent over 4 hours of chat time with their tech support to complete set up. To quote Pretty Woman, Big mistake, huge!

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Which means only one thing. I didn't know that customer service could get that bad, till I used Purevpn.

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At present, the Mac client does not support IKEv2. It will work with Netflix for sure also Will try the alternatives you recommend.

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What is a VPN? This is particularly purevpn best price case for journalists or activists in oppressive countries. Today I received a notice from Google saying someone had attempted to access my account. Unfortunately, the support was not very helpful. Recommended Reading.

Get 5 Years Of PureVPN For Just $69! Crazy Black Friday

I have found PureVPN customer service really good. I'm also signed up for two years. Smith: Thank you for this detailed review and your recommendations. Kind of a random purchase but do have to say the overhead is undetectable - have not seen ANY performance lag.

There is absolutely no way to see what payment method is currently being used within your PureVPN account info, and the only way to cancel their service is to submit a form.

Not good! This is exactly my experience too. We very much welcome this move. We are not keeping any logs, no timestamps, no ip record, no browing logs - Nothing. It normally finishes with a message that they are working on the problem and will get back to you within 24 hours, needless to say this does not happen, Bottom line if you want to stream forget this provider.

I could not connect to my internal network, the download speeds became super slow and now when I try to connect to say, Belgium, it connects me to Argentina!!!???? I use a VPN almost exclusively for p2p file-sharing. Of course, there is no way to know if PureVPN will actually follow their own policies.

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They said they OK. You can test your VPN using the steps and tests outlined here. I paid via Bitcoin through CoinPayment. Don't really know much about VPNs, but what it promises to do, it does great. Have to manually disconnect all the time.

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  • Only certain features of the website failed to load.
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And again. I asked the original suport person what he expected me to know or do without him communicating it to me. And then I got a recording playing over and over again with advertising and Roy Hogdson and Frank Lampard talking about football.

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Privacy and security Jurisdiction PureVPN is based in Hong Kong, which despite being governed by China enjoys some of the freest and uncensored internet access in the world. I did, and in the background unseen to me, he opened a VPN connection. This is a secure setup that matches or exceeds our minimum recommendations on all points.

You can also ask us a question using the form below the FAQs. Now is the time to change to another VPN service.

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I noticed recently whatever servers I connected are all fake locations. I am in the states and they said the IP should show Australia. What are the benefits of using PureVPN?

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  • I still didn't have Internet connectivity.
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Customer support guys are doing a good job most anonymous web search the time. This is the most expensive plan from PureVPN. I have streamed internationally with PureVPN successfully. I, like many other people got suckered into the 5-year promo. Here's why: - their published list of servers is not working because certificates invalid - their customer support blows hot air bc they are clueless except click here or there - their app connects to many servers during install - list below - their app insists that you use their DNS regardless of your option to disable this "feature" - their app insists on running at startup even if you unselected this option during install - at every connect it goes to google.

PureVPN 5 Year Subscription Deal This is a secure setup that matches or exceeds our minimum recommendations on all points.

I would say I am a lot more technical than most. I subscribed to the three-year plan, there was a slight overlap with my previous plan which was refunded promptly and efficiently. I still didn't have Internet connectivity. If you select the wrong mode I challenged this and they extended my contract private internet access 7 day risk-free vpn trial 2 years. I could only get rid of this annoyance by turning PureVPN off.

Them replying using the same script then follows and of course THE issue is never properly resolved. Stay clear of them truly. PureVPN services are completely untraceable and anonymous. I do believe China has done and is doing things to make it harder. PureVPN: Can you give me your username?